Linh Huynh, NVIZION IT's owner, has been an IT owner since 2007 and offers exceptional expertise amongst numerous verticals and IT disciplines.  Linh believes that his employees are his most valuable assets and takes care to ensure his new hires are not only highly skilled, but also are accountable and provide world-class customer service.  Established in 2014, NVIZION IT offers a wide range of services focusing on Business Continuity and IT Risk assessment for small and medium businesses. We understand that downtime is expensive and that an extended outage can cripple your business. This is why our approach to services is unique. We do not view your IT environment as distinct pieces. Rather, we view it in its entirety and address it holistically.

Our service to you begins with an assessment of your current environment. We identify any major gaps in the infrastructure and offer solutions to shore up those deficiencies. Then, together with you, we create a managed service plan that is unique to your environment.  However, a great support plan is useless unless the team behind it can execute.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team is well versed in identifying potential trouble spots and, more importantly, how to correct them. Our proactive monitoring can alert you to a potential problem and we can correct it without any impact on your business. In those cases, where hardware failure is the issue, our technicians are immediately dispatched and will do everything they can to get the hardware back in production. To minimize the business impact of a catastrophic failure, we can create a Backup/Disaster Recovery plan that can reduce severe outages from days, or even weeks, to just hours.

NVIZION IT's clients view us, not as just a vendor, but as strategic business partner. With NVIZION IT monitoring and maintaining the computing environment, our clients have more energy and time to focus on growing your business while we handle their IT needs. Call us today for a free network evaluation and discover for yourself why we retain nearly 100% of our clients since 2007.